Custom Footage, Turnkey Workflow

how it works

how it works

"There's no way we'll find that on a stock footage website."

We've been on the other side of it plenty of times. You need a specific clip to complete your video. It's not practical to ramp up production to pick up just a few shots. You don't stand a chance of finding it on a stock website. That's why we created stockcraft, to offer seamless micro-productions with the convenience of order stock footage.


configure your footage

Go through our quick and guided footage configurator. Describe the clip you need and select options like color grading, exclusivity, and playback speed.


get approved & pay

We'll look over everything, ask any necessary questions, and approve your clip for production. Pay via credit card and we'll get started.


download clip

When your clip is ready, we'll send you a link for review. You can request changes to any post services, and download when it's done.

quick and cost-effective

Our whole production strategy is designed around being nimble and affordable, but the magic trick is that we license footage from your shoot on other stock websites, subsidizing the cost of your project. And if you need it, you can add exclusivity.

$100 off your first project

cinema-ready quality

unlimited license included